No rules, no boundaries: Here's what happened at The Gourmet Theatre

by: WOM Contributor
07 Feb 2020

On 16-17 January, WOM teamed up with our friends at Taikoo Place, Tong Chong Street Market and Asia Miles for The Gourmet Theatre, and it was, at the risk of overselling it, a pretty spectacular affair.

The Gourmet Theatre recap - Nicholas Chew Bibo

Taking place on the lofty 37th floor of One Island East, our first event of the year saw five of our favourite Hong Kong-based chefs – Jacky Chan of The Refinery, Nicholas Chew of Bibo, May Chow of Happy Paradise, Sang Jeong of Ichu Peru, and Barry Quek of Beet – come together to create two never-before-seen dishes that represented the flavours of their home. There were no rules or boundaries – we left the creativity to the experts.

The Gourmet Theatre recap - Barry Quek Beet

The theatrical element to the event came into play in the set-up: each chef took charge of an intimate, open kitchen, with 16 seats around each station. Guests had 30 minutes to enjoy the food, wine and stories at each station, after which they moved to the next station. As well as the kitchens, the journey also included a stop at a speakeasy-style bar by Baijiu Society, who served bespoke, made-to-order cocktails as well as their delicious Baijiu Beer.

The Gourmet Theatre recap - May Chow

The theatre also came in the form of the personalities that each chef brought not just to their plates, but also their pop-up restaurants. The chefs were clearly in their element – while five very different styles and approaches were on display, the intimate setting and the freedom of creativity meant that each station was abuzz with activity, excitement, and, of course, beautiful dishes underpinned by premium ingredients, technical expertise, and clever wine pairings by award-winning sommelier Ambrose Chiang.

Ambrose was one of three culinary heroes who helped the night come together. His expert wine pairings were complemented by specialist ingredients provided by culinary curator Christina Keung, and farm-fresh produce by David Leung of Tong Chong Street Market and co-founder of the Hong Kong Farmers Pride Collective. 

Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible – watch this space for our next event! If you want to see more of what went down, check out the event image gallery. And while you're there, make sure you stay up to date with all things WOM by following us on Facebook and Instagram.