Nicholas Chew on what reminds him of home

by: WOM Contributor
08 Jan 2020

Singapore native Nicholas Chew calls himself an "accidental chef". It's a fitting moniker – after all, he didn't begin his culinary journey until the age of 25. Before that time, he was an interior designer – but the designer within became enamoured by the direct creative expression that cooking allows.

Training in Japan and then Australia, Chew made a name for himself in Hong Kong as head chef of the now-closed Serge et Le Phoque, which picked up a Michelin star following Chew coming to the helm. He's now running the show at Sheung Wan fine diner Bibo, where his expert precision and dedication to seasonality are showcased through stunning plates that combine the flavours of his native Singapore and the restaurant's established French accent.

We sat down with the chef ahead of his time at The Gourmet Theatre to talk more about what home means to him. 

What does home mean to you? What flavours remind you of home? 
Diversity. Growing up with Peranakan flavours keeps a constant reminder of home.

Any favourite hometown dishes?
I don’t have one in particular but it’s the mix of flavours and cultures that draws the diversity which we call Singapore.

What are you hoping to present to diners at The Gourmet Theatre?
I’m trying to balance a mix of these intricate flavours with the right execution.

Are there any ingredients or flavours you'll be showcasing that you think might surprise diners?
The flavours will be a surprise!

At The Gourmet Theatre on 16-17 January, Nicholas will be cooking:

- King crab, Cristal caviar, smoked cauliflower, asam pedas
- Grilled jackfruit, barley, winter truffle, kaffir
- Mini dacquoise, Tainan fermented tofu, vanilla cream

To find out more about The Gourmet Theatre and to reserve your seats, head to the official ticketing page