Nostalgia, comfort, and spring rolls: Chef May Chow on the flavours of home

Chef May Chow needs little introduction. One of the most recognisable personalities in Asia's dining scene, the award-winning chef has made a name for herself as a boundary-pushing cook whose knowledge-driven Chinese cuisine honours traditions while proposing a new way forward.

It's these qualities that she'll be bringing to The Gourmet Theatre, a two-night event presented by WOM Guide in collaboration with Taikoo Place and supported by Tong Chong Street Market and Asia Miles. Before the event, she's found time to talk to us about what flavours remind her of home, and why nobody makes sping rolls like her mum.

The Gourmet Theatre - May Chow

What does home mean to you?  
There should be a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

What flavours and dishes remind you of home?
My mum’s Shanghainese cooking, Chinese barbecue like char siu and roasted goose, and a bowl of steamed rice. 

What is your favourite dish from home? What do you like about it? 
My mum's spring rolls during Chinese New Year are the best. No matter whether she's cooking for 6 or 20 she makes like a hundred. They're crispy, moist and molten on the inside. She fries them a la minute while we hang out with family. 

What are you hoping diners will enjoy about their experience at The Gourmet Theatre?
It’s a fun, communal, experimental dining experience. I hope they get to connect to the creativity and passion of each chef through the food and the stories. 

Are there any ingredients/techniques you'll be showcasing that you think might surprise diners?
We’re excited to play with all the natural Chinese sausages and this black tiger palm fungus that is even more aromatic than morels.

At The Gourmet Theatre on 16-17 January, May will be cooking:

- Lap mei fan risotto
- Braised daikon, black tiger paw fungus consommé

To find out more about The Gourmet Theatre and to reserve your seats, head to the official ticketing page