Why hotpot is a family go-to for chef Jacky Chan

by: WOM Contributor
08 Jan 2020

With an impressive resume that includes experience at acclaimed Hong Kong restaurants Cuisine Cuisine, Tsui Hang Village and Star of Canton, and a winner of multiple Hong Kong Tourism Board culinary awards, chef Jacky Chan is a celebrated expert in Cantonese cuisine. He has led the kitchen at Taikoo Place’s private members’ club The Refinery for nearly five years, where he serves sophisticated Chinese cuisine that offers reimagined takes on much-loved classic dishes via a seasonally changing menu that showcases high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

Chan will be The Gourmet Theatre this January, where he'll be plating up lovingly prepared dishes that have a special meaning to him. Find out more about his flavours of home below: 

The Gourmet Theatre - Jacky Chan, The Refinery

What does home mean to you? What flavours/dishes remind you of home? 
Home is a place where you can feel warmth and happiness. I like to connect with my family over a hearty hotpot meal, during which we enjoy good food and talk the night away. This is how we strengthen our bonds with one another amidst our busy schedules.

What is your favourite dish from home? What do you like about it? 
My favourite home-cooked dish is pei pa tofu. It has a special meaning to me as it is the first dish I learned to make when I started my career as a chef. I still remember how I enjoyed the whole process of perfecting the dish as a junior cook. For The Gourmet Theatre, I am refining the homey dish with an elegant touch by adding in bird’s nest.

What are you hoping diners will enjoy about their experience at The Gourmet Theatre?
Each of the star chefs at The Gourmet Theatre has unique culinary expertise to share with the guests at the open-kitchen stations. The intimate setting will allow our guests to experience the various skills and cooking styles mastered by the chefs, something that is not usually presented to diners.

Are there any ingredients/techniques you'll be showcasing that you think might surprise diners?
A highlight of my station is that, while I cook the exquisite pan-fried mottled spinefoot, I will also prepare in front of the guests a specialty sauce made with aged mandarin peel and artisan soy sauce. The presentation is combines taste and olfactory experiences as guests will be able to take in the incredible scent of the famous aged mandarin peel from Xinhui.

At The Gourmet Theatre on 16-17 January, Jacky will be cooking:

- Pan-fried mottled spinefoot with aged mandarin peel and DYB soy sauce
- Tofu stuffed with shrimp paste and bird’s nest in superior sauce

To find out more about The Gourmet Theatre and to reserve your seats, head to the official ticketing page