New booze in town: When life gives you chocolate pastries, make chocolate pints

by: WOM Guide
09 Jun 2020

How amazing does a freshly baked, crisp pain au chocolat sound in the morning? Or chocolatine, as the people of Toulouse will correct you. But we’re even more excited to learn that Ice Breaker Brewing, a craft beer company in Toulouse takes unsold pastries around the city to create their own signature chocolatine stout. Talk about a miracle rivalling the Wedding at Cana!

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The chocolates are turned into a concentrate during the brewing process which gives the stouts a rich, dessert-like quality that evokes something similar to biting into a pastry hot out of the oven. For those less versed about craft beers, stouts are darker, bolder-flavoured beers that take on different forms from sweet to silky stouts.

The chocolatine stout named Nothing Toulouse, for its zero-waste brewing concept, is the perfect evening drink that brings you back to breakfast. For now, it’s only available in France but we know where we’re headed for our next trip now.