Ikea debuts vegan-friendly Swedish meatballs

by: Rachelle Ma
04 Aug 2020

The day has (finally!) arrived: A year after its initial announcement, Ikea is officially in the race with other restaurant chains that have released plant-based menu items, debuting a vegan-friendly version of their famous Swedish meatballs. 

The “plant-balls”, as they are appropriately named, are made with yellow pea protein, potatoes, oat, onion and apple but the taste and texture may not be so far off from the original kőttbullar (read: Swedish for meatballs). 

Since they are free of meat, the plant-balls only contribute 4% of the climate footprint the classic Ikea meatballs produce, according to the company. 

“At Ikea, we sell more than one billion meatballs every year,” shares Ikea’s Health and Sustainability Manager, Sharla Halvorson. “Imagine if we could get some of our many meatball lovers to choose the plant ball instead. If we were to convert about 20% of our meatball sales to plant balls that would mean around 8% reduction of our climate footprint for the food business at IKEA,” a great step towards the green direction, indeed.

Launching in the EU in August and the US in September, the plant-based meatballs will be served ready-to-eat in stores or packaged for takeaway consumption. Chew on that!