Hong Kong siblings launch health-forward and eco-conscious Beams Coffee

by: Abegaile Legaspi
10 Nov 2020

This October, Australia-based and proud Hong Konger siblings Herman, Sharon and Chamani Wong launched Beams Coffee. Designed with a focus on health and the planet, the newly-launched brand features paper-based capsules that are loaded with plant-based nutrients and adaptogenic mushrooms.

Using specialty coffee from Sydney and Melbourne roasters, the premier collection presents four different variants: Immunity to build up resistance, the vitamin D-rich Beauty for anti-aging benefits, Mind which helps improve concentration and memory retention and Energy, to aid in reducing fatigue. Each pack comes with 10 capsules and available on Beams’ online shop (HK$180).

“We spent months collaborating with nutritionists on their journey to find the best natural ingredients that could be combined to reduce stress, boost resilience and fight fatigue.” The Wong siblings remarked. On top of that, the Beams capsules are also compatible with the Nespresso coffee makers - best for home brewing.

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