The classic Coca-Cola bottle may be getting a new eco-upgrade

by: Rachelle Ma
13 Jun 2020

Because we all need some good news – major beverage corporation Coca-cola and Carlsberg have committed to backing plant-based biodegradable bottles by 2023.

The F&B companies are working with Dutch startup Avantium in a project aptly named ‘The Paper Bottle Project’ to produce the plant plastics. 

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Using plant sugar instead of fossil fuel to produce the plastic, the plastic will be used to line cardboard bottles from the inside, making the bottles fully recyclable. They also take less than to decompose compared with standard plastic, making it an infinitely more eco-friendly option to normal plastics. 

Additional companies are expected to come on board with the project over the next few months. The actual bottles itself are expected to hit the shelves as soon as 2023, with proposed high market demand for its sustainable plastic packaging.