Bloomberg launches quarterly print magazine on climate change

by: WOM Guide
23 Jun 2020

Stirring up positive change, the first print issue of Bloomberg Green, a quarterly print magazine on climate change by Bloomberg will be published this month. 

The print launch comes five months after Bloomberg began publishing a digital site of the same name on climate change data using the same visceral data favored by traders. 

“Climate change numbers are...relentlessly grim,” Aaron Rutkoff, the publication’s editor said in his letter to readers. Yet what Bloomberg green aims to accomplish is to present solutions which won’t paint the climate crisis as a dystopian ‘end of the world’ story. Rutkoff hopes that the solutions will be taken as seriously as its fears. “The world has entered a new era of climate solution, and [Bloomberg Green] is going to be its chronicle.” 

Bloomberg Green is, unsurprisingly, printed on 100% recycled paper. You can read it’s first issue online here.