New veggie menu at Pret a Manger

We’re a huge fan of PRET. It’s often our one-stop to finding a quick and fresh lunch, but when their two best salads (in our opinion) has smoked salmon or crayfish, the choices for vegetarians can be limited (sure, they have tomato soup and green salads, but sometimes you want a salad that is as good as their crayfish one is).

 Pret’s new veggie menu focuses on vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, by making their vegetarian options as crave-able as possible. We took a walk to our local Pret and tried some of these new nommeries out. What we first noticed was that there were two sections, something we didn’t see before. There was a section only selling vegetarian options, and the other with a mix. 

We first tried the new salad from the veggie selection. It came with chargrilled peppers, parmesan and pumpernickel. The chargrilled peppers were juicy and sweet, and the pumpernickel was tender and delicious. 

The sandwich with the same chargrilled peppers and pesto was absolutely delicious. We loved it, although we would have preferred a sweeter cheese with the peppers, the parmesan was a good complement with the pesto.We had mixed reviews on the drinks. While for some the “flu fighter” was a little too strong on the ginger, for others it was their absolute fave. 

All in all, we generally loved the veggie options, and while the crayfish salad will stay our favourite, the veggie option is great for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike; definitely a healthier option we can opt for on one of those days we need a strong fibre boost.  

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