Foodies gather at the Tsing Yi Opera Festival 2019

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
17 Apr 2019


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This festival is so traditionally local, we don’t even know the official English name, or even if it has one! That is why we here at WOM have given it the name, Tsing Yi Opera Festival 2019. Held every year around this time, this year’s festival is taking place over two periods: 16-20 April and 5-9 May.

Honouring deities with song
With a long history this traditional festival celebrates the birthdays of two Chinese deities: Chun Kwan and Tin Hau, as well as Chinese opera.

Finding the festival is simple — just look for the colossal bamboo structures clad in red and shiny gold paper bling. These structures are traditional theatres, which have been used for opera performances in Hong Kong since the 1850s.

Note: if you wish to have a seat, you may have to get tickets, otherwise you could just watch it from the back.

Food glorious (street) food
While the opera is entertaining, the main reason that many people flock to the festival is the 100 (or so) street food stalls that spill across the athletic field where the festival is held.

The majority of these stalls are from unheard of local vendors, so it is truly a unique food adventure. The variety on offer ranges from local favourites such as sweet marinated squid, Jianbing (fried pancake) and red bean rice-cake, through to soufflé pancakes, lobster with cheese, and bubble tea. There really is something for everyone.