Alfredo Lopez of Natural Wine Distribution and Apartamento launches a wine subscription club

by: WOM Guide
09 Sep 2020

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It looks like there is a Wine God after all: As previously reported on Monocle, monthly subscription The Natural Wine Company, a collaboration between Alfredo Lopez of Natural Wine Distribution has partnered up with the interior magazine, Apartamento, has launched in June.

Born out of their love for natural wines, the exclusive wine club is a way for the twosome not only to educate but foster a community between winemakers and wine drinkers who share the same passion. “We want anyone, no matter where they are, to be able to find a wine that’s interesting or unique,” Lopez positively remarks.

Members can either sign up for a  four-bottle or six-bottle subscription and they will receive a box of a carefully curated selection of natural wines every month right at their doorsteps. Thus far, the customer reach has (slowly but surely!) taken Europe by storm spanning nine countries including Spain, Sweden and the UK.

While this has not reached Hong Kong yet, we can only be excited for what’s to come.