A dinner at Spiga

by: Hidy Fung
11 May 2017

Nestled within the LHT Tower, Spiga is a new dining experience along Queens Road Central where you can retreat from the hum of the crowd, and escape into a refined wonderland that introduces the gastronomic imagination of Michelin star Chef Enrico Bartolini. The backdrop to Spiga is a design tour de force that combines a sumptuous earth-toned palette of marble, terrazzo, brass and leather, all masterfully orchestrated by Architect Joyce Wang. The restaurant setting plays out like a film set, where the custom furniture and Italian feature lighting in each room are composed of intimate scenes that come together to form part of a much larger story. 

This attention to detail is effortlessly transposed from the backdrop to the dinner plate where Bartolini’s menu becomes the chief protagonist. Delving into Spiga’s menu offering, we tried the morsels of Beef Carpaccio to start, which pairs delicate slices of beef with Padano cheese and black truffle laid on a bed of rocket leaves, with a crispy wafer base. Each element has a distinctive texture and flavour, that work in harmony when combined. To enjoy to the full, it's best to skip the knife & fork and get hands-on with each bite-size offering.

Next was Spiga’s signature Parmesan risotto, with seared cuttlefish and Pesto sauce. A symphony of Mediterranean flavours is captured by pairing locally-sourced fish with fresh Italian ingredients, dressed with dabs of pesto and squid ink. The creamy risotto is presented separately in a copper saucepan and layered over the dish as a finishing touch that perfectly melds all of the components together.

To end the evening on a high note, we sampled their signature dessert, a dream team of chocolate foam with hazelnut ice cream. The mousse has a rich and deep flavour, complemented by the nutty gelato centre. The soft components are finished with a chocolate crumble that adds a welcome crunch to each bite and keeps the flavours lingering on the palate long afterwards.

Hidy Fung