New modestly priced Omakase at Sushi Ono

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
30 Mar 2017

Omakase for those unfamiliar, is the traditional Japanese style of dining where rounds of dishes are chosen by the chef and presented in courses to the diner. The dishes are unknown to the diner until it is presented to them. The experience is meant to be surprising and innovative, with an artistic touch to the sequence of the dishes.

For those who are familiar, you would know that omakase is a gloriously indulgent experience that can (accordingly, and with good reason) be quite pricey. Sushi Ono is introducing a modestly-priced but high-end omakase alternative at HK$900. With only 24 seats, Sushi Ono is a small minimalistic joint that celebrates and respects the art of quality food and dining. 

The signature menu of the omakase is tuna-- with other dinner specialties including the cucumber crab roll stuffed with Queen crab and sea urchin, the thin-sliced squid noodles topped with myoga & ohba edible flowers, yellow tail aburi sashimi dressed with Kyoto onion, red snapper sashimi with Japanese nori and Chiso leaves, and mackerel sashimi balanced with ginger and sesame. Pair these with Sushi Ono's exclusive sake, a private label sourced from Kagoshima. 


9/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central, 2521 0008;