You can now pay for lunch on your phone with the new iOS Octopus update

by: Rachelle Ma
02 Jun 2020

Some things are worth waiting for! In July last year, Octopus announced they would be launching the new payment method with Apple Pay. Users with iPhone 8 (or newer) and Apple Watches (Series 3 or newer) will finally be able to test it for themselves after a whole year. 

How does it work?  

The new service comes with the latest iOS software update. With the update, users can add their Octopus account to their Apple Wallet and hold the top of the phone near the Octopus reader to use.  You can continue to use Octopus on your phone, even if your phone battery is running low. 

To top up or add funds, you can either do so by credit card, debit card or ATM card through the Wallet app. The new payment method also acts as the physical card does and can be topped up at 7-11 with cash or reloaded automatically with Octopus Automatic Add Value Services. 

The app keeps track of your balance as well as transaction history. You can set it up by either transferring an existing card or adding a new Octopus Card on the Wallet app then tapping the amount to add in. 

How useful is it? 

What’s better than paying for food and snacks with your phone? Octopus card, already hailed as a convenient payment method in Hong Kong, is now a step more seamless. However, users will want to buy a new virtual card instead of transferring an old one as once transferred, the physical card cannot be used.  The new method also provides an added layer of security, as Face ID is required.

But don’t get too excited – only Adult or Elder Octopus cards can be transferred to Apple Pay. Cards including child pass, student, disability, staff personalised cards and cards with monthly passes to Lok Ma Chau and Disneyland cannot be transferred. The process of transferring an existing physical card is also irreversible, so users might still want to keep a physical card around for when they don’t have their phones on them.

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