PSA: Nissin’s new All-In Noodles are packed full of vitamins and minerals

by: Nik Addams
14 Aug 2019

Nissin All-In Noodles featured image

Real talk: even the snobbiest food snobs among us find it hard to resist the salty, carby charm of a hot cup of instant noodles. (Don’t just take our word for it though - you know it’s a thing when even The New York Times is getting in on the act). But any guilt that you might feel after inhaling your cup o’ nutrient-lacking convenience might soon be lessened with a very good news story from Nissin, the makers of the famed (and superior) Cup Noodles brand.

The Japanese manufacturers have just unveiled their brand-new All-In Noodles line and, here’s the kicker, they’re bursting with vitamins and minerals. According to Nissin, each packet contains around one-third of a person’s daily nutritional intake requirements, and with 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals and a heap of of protein and dietary fibre in each packet.

Nissin All-In Noodles inside
This is where the science happens.

The good stuff is all densely packed into the core of the noodle, which is then wrapped in a coating that’s apparently as good as what you’d find in a packet of regular Cup Noodles. This also means that the new nood contains around less than 40 percent of the carbohydrates than regular instant noodles. 

The new All-In series comes in four flavours: a plain version free of seasoning (and you can find some awesome tips here on how to seriously up your instant noodle game); Abura, with spicy rayu oil, chashu pork and green onions; Tom Yum, with lemongrass coconut milk and coriander; and Tantan, a smokey Sichuan flavour with a good amount of kick.

Nissin All-In Noodles flavours
Breakfast, lunch and dinner because why not, tbh.

No word on if or when these bad boys will be available in Hong Kong, but you can order All-In Noodles from the Nissin website, with shipping currently scheduled to start on 19 August. The plain version is going for ¥400 (around HKD30), while the flavoured varieties will set you back ¥600 (around HKD44) a pop. Not bad for a very nutritious meal.