Now open: Brand new Market Place lands at Langham Place

by: WOM Guide
19 Jun 2020

Market Place sporting a different exterior.

What’s the story: Out with the old, in with the new: The much-loved grocer Market Place has landed in Mong Kok mainstay Langham Place spotting a new look and serving up some brand-new culinary delights! Setting itself apart, the Hong Kong speciality supermarket boasts six gourmet sections offering a wide array of products from over 100 local brands to world-renowned international labels at consumer-friendly prices.

The Kitchen on the go area appeals to avid foodies with its international gourmet choices.

What’s the vibe: No longer your ordinary supermarket, the revamped grocer now sports a matte black interior adorned with minimalist white text. It may give off sleek and contemporary vibes but there’s still a sense of familiarity as soon as you take a step inside.

Offering a wide array of products from local brands to international labels.

What you’ll find: Market Place is effectively divided into six culinary sections: the produce area which holds fruits and vegetables imported from all over the world, the cellar which carries the finest beers, wines and spirits, the meat section featuring premium cuts sourced from the likes of Australia and Japan, the healthy snacks aisle with better-for-you goodies for both adults and kids alike, the Kitchen on the go serving up ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and snack options such as freshly-handcrafted sushi and various tapas plus a Hong Kong brands zone for much-loved and budding brands that are proudly local.

“We have some fantastic prices and promotions for you” shares Danni Peirce, the commercial director of Dairy Farm.

Top-grade produce sourced from all over the world and premium cuts from Australia and Japan,

Brewed specifically by Hong Kong’s largest brewer, gweilo beer, the appropriately named Portland St Pale ale is now available exclusively at Market Place. To celebrate the occasion, customers may purchase any 3 craft beers for HK$60 at the store. For wine lovers and enthusiasts, the store’s wine section also carries over 1000 bottles from legendary winemaker Charles Smith plus a plethora of award-winning wineries from all around the globe.

Beers, wines and spirits available at your disposal.

Elsewhere, you’ll also find a collection of Local Favourites by Yi O Farming. With recipes crafted by local chefs, the Lantau Island brand only produces a wide variety of sauces for restaurants in the city with locally-sourced ingredients and produce. The artisanal and spicy Master Shing’s Chicken Pot Marinade is unsurprisingly an essential in any kitchen.

Gwei lo beer’s Portland St. Pale ale and Yi O Farming’s Chicken Pot Spice Paste available exclusively at Market Place.

Other Hong Kong-bred brands at Market Place are the longstanding Yan Chim Kee, a producer of coconut products since 1915; Yumthé, an EU Ecocert and USDA accredited fair-trade tea retailer; So Coco which specialises in vegan and preservative-free products; Taboocha, a sisters-owned company which makes handmade fermented tea; The Nutter Company, best known for nut butters that are free of sugar, salt, oil and preservatives; and much more!

PR Speak: “Feel fantastic, with our better for you products and experience a world of mouth-watering tastes.”

Market Place, Langham Place, Shop 8, Level B2, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok: +852 3580 8952