Sabrina Chan of Mum in Moon: “I wanted to create a business dedicated to all women”

by: WOM Guide
08 Oct 2020

Made by women, for women: Highlighting the significant connection between the Luna and a woman’s body, premium meal plan service Mum in Moon was born. According to founder Sabrina Chan, “Being a Mum is the toughest job on earth so I wanted to create a business that is dedicated to and supports women of all phases.” Recognising the importance of postpartum nutrition, Mum in Moon offers premium meal plans and ready-to-cook products delivered straight to their doorsteps helping new mothers recover from the significant changes that come with giving birth. 

Inspired by the postpartum confinement practice (read: sitting the month) which lasts for at least 30 days and up to 100 days after giving birth. A first of its kind, the brand heavily draws from traditional Chinese medicine food therapy where food is used to naturally heal, treat and cure the body. Furthermore, the products are freshly prepared made with ingredients that are 100 percent natural, low in salt and sugar and completely free of MSG. 

Tailor-made to each individual, the meal plans are carefully crafted based on the key information plugged in. Also, customers are encouraged to provide information such as symptoms in order to treat them accordingly with the necessary ingredients.

Despite the name, Mum in Moon is not only geared towards benefitting the health of postpartum mothers. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the collective consciousness around healthy and sustainable eating. However, Sabrina shares that “I would really hope to see a trend for people to start nourishing their body at a younger age”. Sabrina also admits to bridging the cultural gap between the East and the West by uprooting postpartum health from Chinese customs. “It may take some time but my goal is to take the best from the East and the West and put that on the menu,” optimistically remarks Sabrina.

Each meal set comes with a bowl of Chinese soup which is adjusted accordingly to target different symptoms caused by varying factors both external and internal. While the recipes derive from traditional Chinese food, Western elements are also still incorporated into the meal plans which results in an innovative and fusion culinary experience. Highlights include a traditional and never-before-seen Asian twist on foods such as Spanish Iberico pork, pigeon risotto, slow-cooked wild Alaskan salmon, kale and quinoa.


As of this moment, Mum in Moon offers five different meal plans such as:

1) 養生補身 General TCM Food Therapy 

2) 產前調理 Pregnancy TCM Food Therapy 

3) 坐月調理 Postpartum TCM Food Therapy 

4) 小月調理 Miscarriage TCM Food Therapy and 

5) 術後調理 Post-Surgery TCM Food Therapy  


Price range: start from HK$350
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