A strange new fad seems to be emerging this summer; the 'meat battle'

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
09 Aug 2018

A strange new fad seems to be emerging this summer. The slightly grotesque-sounding ‘meat battle’. You may have heard of a meat raffle, where punters in flat-roofed pubs buy tickets for the chance to win a joint of beef. This isn’t one of those.

Lily & Bloom are currently touting a ticketed event promoted as “A meaty battle between North American Beef and South American Beef.” Meanwhile, Anchor’s Seafood and Beer House at Bay Bridge Hotel, is holding an ibérico pork vs. wagyu beef ‘meat battle’ promotion. We really wanted to know:

- How the winner is decided in a meat battle

- Why the violent terminology? Is this what eating too much red meat does to you?

So, we accepted an invitation from Anchor’s to find out for ourselves, and readied ourselves for combat. First impressions; Anchor’s has a nice view:

The ‘meat battle’ turns out to be a buffet, where there are meat options. So, a buffet:

Their speciality is seafood. Which makes the ‘meat battle’ title more confusing still:

But until the end of september, there are extra meat options, hence the name ‘meat battle.’

All the talk of meat had us craving some roughage. To tell the truth, the DIY salad station is one of the better parts of the ‘meat battle’ buffet:

But, for us, buffets are all about the dessert section anyway:

We look forward to the food battle trend catching on further; anyone for a soufflé skirmish? A durian duel, perhaps?

The meat battle rages on at Anchor’s Seafood and Beer House, 123 Castle Peak Road, Ting Kau, Tsuen Wan, until the end of September.