Jordan Kostelac's beer journey from home-brewing disasters to hEROES Hunk Sir

by: Abegaile Legaspi
20 Jul 2020

Since moving to Hong Kong in the summer of 2011, hero Jordan Kostelac has been searching for craft beers that have surged back in the US during the early 2000s. “After a few months of frustration, I found an online homebrew shop and began brewing at home to try [to] recreate flavours,” the Hunk Sir shares. Beginning his journey as a ‘mad scientist’, he dove headfirst into the wonders of homebrewing, therefore, becoming a part of the emerging community of craft brewers in the city. Soon afterwards, Kostelac found himself working alongside local Hong Kong-based brewer hEROES Beer Co in the creation of Milk Coffee Porter, Hunk Sir. 

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A true beer geek.

Unsurprisingly (or possibly not!) the process of creating the perfect brew did not happen overnight. Playing true to his alias, the mad scientist had begun his insanely boozy experiments. “Over the next three years, I really had gone fully mad scientist in that I was experimenting with flavours that did not belong anywhere near beers,” the relentless hEROes beer co-creator admits.

HUNK SIR Milffee Porter, a 2017 AIBA Silver Medal winner.

However, after many disastrous trials and (mostly!) errors, emerged a winner a Hong Kong milk tea porter. When Jordan was invited by the hEROES team to become a co-creator, the team was impressed with his milk tea porter and realised it’s the brew that best represents him. Thus, the team over at hEROES created a similar brew - a Hong Kong-style condensed milk coffee porter - Hunk Sir was born.

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Inspired by popular alter ego pairs such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Bruce Banner and his green counterpart, The Hulk, the AIBA 2017 Silver Medal Winning brew is said to be a “secret peacemaker potion” turning worst enemies coffee and porter into the best of friends. Using traditional English Porter as the base, the sweet malt and nutty aroma goes hand in hand with NODI Espresso Blend. Topping with lactose (read: condensed milk), the concoction results in a silky, smooth and highly aromatic Milfee Porter.

Kostelac confesses that “as a well-intended but ultimately misguided scientist whose experiments have been known to change him into a force of chaos”, he had difficulties in landing on a single style during the brewing process. Admitting that his penchant for exploration and experimentation proved to be a bit of an impediment. However, he has learned to choose his battles wisely. “I am so glad to have a recipe I put so much care into crafting in such capable hands” Kostelac optimistically remarks. Elsewhere, as Bruce Banner hid in the jungle (if you know, you know!), Kostelac had been keeping the alter ego at bay. Though he does not experiment with bizarre and highly unusual flavours these days, he is always down for trying out new brews that excitedly stray away from the norm. 

HUNK SIR loves Hangry Donut but hates SNAP-09’s guts.

But you may find the Hunk Sir having a good laugh with Hangry Donut, a Hopiscus wheat ale that never takes herself too seriously or with the spicy AB-48 Michelada Gose whom he shares the curiosity for discovery and bringing people together. However, an interaction with SNAP-09 One Star Wee Heavy is less likely to occur unless you’re all for him having a walk to the dark side. But if there’s one thing he hates more than this brew is a bunch of goons who turn each sip into an academic exercise of scents, notes and (mostly!) BS… [Ed note: Kostelac’s words, not ours!] On that note, whatever happened to good ole’ “This is some great beer and I like it!”

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