Japanese convenience stores join hands (or delivery service)

The old grade-school rule rings true. For three of Japan’s major convenience stores, Family Mart, 7-11 and Lawson, teamwork makes the dream work as operators announced they would test the joint transport of products to shop outlets in August.

Sharing drivers and vehicles to help transport and refile goods like sandwiches, drinks, magazines, newspapers and bento boxes, this idea comes as a solution to the shortage of drivers in Japan.

The test will first be carried out in Tokyo where there is an estimate of 7,000 outlets alone. If successful, it’s reported to reduce the number of vehicles needed by 30 per cent. The joint delivery service makes sense when considered that it’s not common to find a 7-11 next door to Lawsons. The logistic solution could be monumental for Japan as it progresses with plans to become a smart city.