Comfort Food: Indonesian cuisine

by: Angie Kwon
19 Oct 2017

We live in the culinary capital of Asia, with a variety of cuisines to suit every need. Yet, one cuisine has gained popularity over the years– Indonesian food. There is nothing better than spending your mealtime feasting on one of the most colorful cuisines in the world, in a warm and cozy restaurant. If spicy satay, warm chicken soup, and a stir-fried rice bursting with flavor is your idea of comfort food, check out our list of the best Indonesian comfort food and where to find it right here in Hong Kong.

Nasi Goreng @Kaum Potato Head
Treat yourself to an authentic Indonesian dining experience featuring tribal recipes at Kaum Potato Head. Using traditional cooking techniques, Kaum makes such a simple dish as Nasi Goreng taste like a million bucks. You can choose between the Nasi Goreng Udang– stir-fried rice with fresh marinated prawns, fermented shrimp paste, basil leaves and stinky beans, and Nasi Goreng Babi– stir-fried rice with pork belly, pork sausage, egg, ginger, red chilli paste & assorted field mushrooms. 100 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 2858 6066, 
Sate @1968 Indonesian Restaurant
Meat is best consumed on a stick, especially when it’s as tasty as 1968 Indonesian Restaurant makes it. Flavoured chunks of chicken, beef and pork sate are grilled on a stick till they’re slightly charred (and highly irresistible). Choose from Sate Ayam Kampeong (Chicken), Sate Lulur Dalam (Australian angus beef), Sate Babi Spanyol (Iberico pork belly), or get the ultimate Sate Kombinasi with all three options for a meaty delight. 5/F, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, 2577 9981, 
Kare Ayam @Kampoeng Fusion Restaurant
A delicious, flavorful curry with rice is sometimes just what we need to brighten our day, especially during typhoon season. Although Kampoeng is a fusion restaurant, it cooks up a mean Indonesian Kare Ayam (chicken curry), and comes with steamed rice and veggies. The restaurant has a cozy, modern feel to it, offering a great shelter on rainy days. Basement, 1-5 Sugar Street, Hong Kong, 

Nasi Campur @Warung Malang
A rice dish with five delicious sides offers a warm and comforting feeling, and leaves you feeling satiated. Warung Malang in little Indonesia whips up a classic beef Nasi Campur with tempeh (soy) strips, spicy and tender beef rendang, Balinese egg, sayur lodeh (veggie soup), all topped with spicy sambal sauce. Perfect dish for a rainy Hong Kong day! 2/F, Dragon Rise, 9-11 Pennington Street, Hong Kong, China, 2915 7859, 
Gethuk @TRi
Nothing screams comfort food than sweet cassava mixed with coconut and sugar to make the perfect dessert– Gethuk. Chef Denny Sumarko of TRi creates a modern take on Gethuk, that is both visually as well as gustatorily appealing. The cassava cake at TRi comes with a sweet raspberry jelly, pickled strawberries and a delicious coconut-lime sorbet– a.k.a. comfort food at its best! Shop 302, 3/F, Lobby C, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, 2515 0577, 

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