House 1881 opens with five new bars and restaurants

by: Angie Kwon
13 Jun 2019

Known formerly as Hullett House, House 1881 recently reopened with five new restaurants under its belt: Fortune Villa, Stable Steakhouse, Stable Bar, Cafe Parlour and The Sergeant’s Bar. Fancy dimsum, a premium steakhouse, a bar with over 100 types of gin, a cafe with gorgeous colonial vibes and a laid-back pub with some proper fish and chips.

Cafe Parlour
Easily everyone’s favourite opening in House 1881 this year, the colonial-chic Cafe Parlour is situated at the main heritage building. With the al-fresco of the iconic yellow arches offering balcony views of the central courtyard. Cafe Parlour is best for afternoon tea, but they also have homemade cakes, pastries, light snacks and Indian cuisine.

Fortune Villa
Cantonese fine-dining, Fortune Villa serves traditional dim-sum with locally-sourced ingredients. The interior is movie-set-gorgeous, the ornate wall dividers really work with the heritage vibe. If there’s one restaurant you want to do a qi-pao photoshoot-- this is the one. Highlights include Baked abalone puff with diced chicken and Steamed bean curd rolls with duck web.

Stable Steakhouse
Is it ever a heritage hotel if it doesn’t have its own steakhouse? SItuated on what was once the property’s horse stables, The Stable Steakhouse serves premium cuts of meat and fresh seafood. The signature premium A5 Japanese wagyu is accompanied by a selection of over 40 different salt varieties. Other signatures include the 12-hour slow-cooked beef consomme and lobster bisque.

Stable Bar
Located right above the steakhouse, the Stable Bar has an extensive menu of creative cocktails along with spirits and wines. WIth the largest gin collection Kowloon with over 100 types of gin and a selection of tonics, guests are invited to mix and match their favourites. The Teaspresso is one of their signatures, a take on the classic Espresso Martini.

The Sergeant’s Bar
One of the oldest establishments in the building, it was once a bar for police officers and visiting sailors serving up craft beers, themed cocktails and bar snacks. They claim they have the best fish and chips in town, we’ll see about that!