Staying entertained at home: Tips from your favourite influencers

by: WOM Guide
27 Jul 2020

With new social restrictions being set up and the uncertainty of where this third-wave of COVID-19 cases are headed, finding ways to stay entertained as we stay home as much as possible has never been as important. Last lockdown, we were all about the viral dance videos and baking all the quarantine desserts but as we run out of ideas on the things we can do around the house, we’ve enlisted some of our favourite content creators for tips on staying entertained at home!

Quarantine Cooking? Impress your little ones with this simple spaghetti bolognaise

Eunice Lim @foodtravelbabe

Eunice is a food and travel influencer based in Hong Kong. She’s been featured in CNN, Sunday Times, Elle and more.

What have you been up to these days? 

Cooking and baking like I’m going to compete on MasterChef. (Wait for me, Gordon!) Sometimes, I also buy seasonal fruits such as Malaysian durians and Japanese peaches and take my tastebuds for a holiday. [And] when the house gets messy, I pretend to be Marie Kondo and do what she is best at - except, I’m not making money outta it (finding cash hidden in random spots does not count!). I also enjoy cracking up jokes and doing silly things with my partner who lives under the same roof. Have a sense of humour. Laughter is the best medicine!

Any other tips?
Have fun doing what you need to do. Be creative! Or delegate and pay someone else to do it. If all else fails, trick your mind into doing it in small steps and you’ll eventually finish the big task. Mind hacks 101. ;)

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Twee @ezzentrictwee

Twee is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who calls Hong Kong and Melbourne home.

What have you been up to these days?

I've definitely been enjoying a good [virtual] workout session with Holly Dolke from YouTube to exhale and release the bad vibes and energy. But of course, I'm also being productive by creating hair tutorial, fashion hack videos and daily vlogs for my own YouTube channel. And like many of us, staying at home has gotten me cooking more healthy foods.

Any other tips?

Taking online courses! There are so many free ones out there now!

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Tim Fung @sunday.son 

Canadian-born, Tim is a consultant based in Hong Kong who posts about fitness, travel and food.

What are they up to?
During self-isolation, we’re all trying to keep ourselves occupied and hoping to find some form of escape away from the four corners of our apartments! Even though it’s crazy times at the moment, we are lucky to be living in the digital age where making a getaway doesn’t require us to physically leave our homes. For me, I have been spending a lot of time with my family cooking brunches and dinners together, keeping in touch with extended family and friends on FaceTime, working out regularly with some online workout videos, and hardcore binge-watching Netflix.

Any other tips?
At the end of the day, it is more important than ever to count our blessings and invest more time doing the things we love and with the people we truly care about (even if it means capping our social gatherings to a group of 2)!

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