Burger know it all: Hair of the Dog

What kind of person has a burger for breakfast? Someone with a hangover, that’s who. Hence the Butchers Club Burger’s Hair of the Dog set - appropriately released for the year of the dog and available throughout February 2018.

This burger is a monster, the dirtiest fry-up of sausage meat patty, black pudding, bacon and a fried egg, sandwiched between French toast buns and drizzled with maple syrup.

OK, we had our doubts, but there’s no denying that this is a proper good fry-up. The black pudding is a classy touch. The downside? It is impossible to eat this thing without making a horrific mess.

Admittedly, it would have been less messy to use a knife and fork. But at WOM we don’t eat burgers with a knife and fork, we’re not barbarians.

You’ll be needing this handy guide to getting maple syrup stains out of your clothes:

Supposedly, it was once customary to treat a dog bite with ‘the hair of the dog that bit you’ to prevent infection. In the modern era of tetanus shots and animal welfare, the phrase simply refers to treating a hangover with more booze. So, the HK$140 Hair of the Dog meal set comes with a Michelada. Some call it a beer bloody Mary. The Butchers Club version, we are told, basically contains the dressing of a Thai papaya salad, topped up with beer. 

Be warned, the chopped chillies become more concentrated as you drain the beer from your glass, making the drink progressively spicier as you go. In a live hangover situation, this whole hot mess is going to be kill-or-cure; either setting you up for a day of sunshine and happiness or sending you scuttling back to your darkened bedroom, beset by regret and self-loathing. Let us know how you get on.