5 green juices to jump start your new year resolutions

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
01 Jan 2019

Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new year, a new WOM and a new you: time to get your body back on track after all those holiday cravings. Say no to all those leftover Ferrero Rochers, whip out those joggers you buried early December, and read on for our choices on the tastiest green juices to jump-start your new year’s resolutions.

Mind you, we know that green juices can sometimes taste too healthy and not too pleasant. We don’t want to deter you away from healthy choices so early into January, so we’ve chosen the tastiest, sweeter, ones that we’ve tried so far: we are Word-Of-Mouth before anything after all.
Happy Apple @nood food
Our post-workout choice: anyone who's gone through a health buzz knows this one. Nood food’s got a proper selection of green juices, all raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized and darn expensive. Some taste a bit too healthy, but we’ve tried them all, and our favourite, when it comes to taste alone, was “Happy Apple”-- a mix of apple juice, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and spinach. Yes, this one isn’t the healthiest or the thickest one in their expansive green-juice list, but it’s sweet enough to keep us going and also jam-packed enough with the Chlorophyll-y nutrients we’re looking for (good for your skin, rich in antioxidants and loaded with electrolytes). 32 Hollywood Rd, Central , 8199 8189;
Morning Boost @VEDA
Our dine-in choice: the new vegetarian restaurant at the newly renovated Ovolo Central has a green juice that’s so so so very delicious. Chef Hetty McKinnon's green juice the Morning Boost is a perfectly-sweet concoction of apple, pineapple, cucumber, celery and spinach.  2 Arbuthnot Road, Central , 3755 3000;
Kale Sour @Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour
Our party choice: okay so this isn’t exactly a green ‘juice’ but it’s worth mentioning since it includes the superfood of the century, kale, and cos it's a speakeasy with an adorable concept. Made with a base of Gin Mare, kale juice, green apple juice, simple syrup and a topping of aromatic aquafava, this green cocktail can be a cheeky add-on to your green juice cleanse. They've got other veggie cocktails with juice bases of carrots, beetroot, cucumber and even onion. Shop B31A, First Basement Floor, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road, Central , 2111 9449;
Mean Green @Bear’s Lab
Our grab-and-go choice: This smoothie spot’s known for their vegan-friendly smoothies. Their “Mean Green” is a smoothie of almond milk, banana, cashew butter, chia seeds, kale and spinach. 50 Stanley Street, Central, 2702 0802 ;

The WOM mix @Fresh Juice
Our cheap eats choice: green juices are pretty expensive, some reaching up to 70hkd per 300ml bottle! Green veggies are becoming pretty canon at the neighbourhood local juiceries in town. One of our everyday go-to spot is Fresh Juice in Central. There’s always a long line, but you get a selection of a variety of vegetables and fruits, all freshly mixed in a blender and served in generous cups. Best of all, most of these are all under 25hkd! Our favourite is a mix of celery, cucumber and watermelon! Wing Wo St, Central

Angie Kwon