New “Nostalgic Hong Kong” menu at Greater China Club

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
20 Apr 2017

Greater China Club’s gourmet Cantonese cooking scene “Man Hing” is serving up an interesting new menu filled with Hong Kong’s old favourites. 

The idea of rediscovering old favourites is explored in Greater China Club’s new “Nostalgic Hong Kong” menu. The menu includes those teahouse favourites that have been lost during the passing of time, but still somehow remain in the nostalgia for those who grew up with them. The meal began with double-boiled pork lung soup with almonds. The soup had a light flavour with morsels of tender pork. It was a refreshing way to start the meal. Soon after we went on to try the barbecued duck feet wrapped with barbecued pork and chicken liver in a honey-based sauce. The duck feet and the barbecued pork was covered with a heavenly sweet honey sauce that had us licking our fingers.

The next course came all at once. The baked fish pie with egg, minced pork and dried mandarin peel came in a heavy deep dish and a lovely aroma. The luxurious dried mandarin peel added an extra element to this quiche-like dish. The pie was full packed with generous amounts of flavoured pork. 

This one was our favourite: the deep fried marinated duck wrapped with Chinese pancake. We took a piece of the deep-fried duck, lathered it in the provided hoisin-esque sauce, and placed it on top of a chinese pancake. We then added julienned pieces of cucumber, mango pieces and spring onions. Much like the Beijing Duck, but completely different in texture, the crispy exterior of the duck and the sweetness of the mango differs it from its famous cousin. 

We ended with desserts that include the deep-fried milk custard rolls and the sweetened black sesame rolls. As simple as they are, they were also the most nostalgic pieces from the menu. The black sesame rolls were sweet and deliciously moist. 

Overall the menu was a blast to the past and a nod to the historic tea houses that left a great culinary legacy for Hong Kong's foodies to enjoy to this day.