Gogyo launches cool summer dishes

by: Angie Kwon
25 Jun 2018

Ramen gastropub, Gogyo celebrates the balmier weather with a new seasonal menu, featuring decadent lobster tsukemen, innovative seafood dishes and refreshing summer drinks.

Tsukemen, Japanese dipping noodles, is a popular alternative to ramen and a solid choice when it’s swelteringly hot. Gogyo has taken it to a whole new level with their new lobster tsukemen. Served with slow-cooked lobster tail and a shrimp ball made with sakura shrimp, the noodles are also infused with shrimp powder for added dimension. Shrimp is added into the tonkotsu-based broth for extra richness, and guests are encouraged to mix the remaining broth with the accompanying coriander rice to finish the meal with 'shrimp risotto'.

The new menu also features fresh seafood dished up in creative ways. We like ‘a cup of sea blessings’ featuring uni, scallop, hamachi, tuna, salmon roe, salmon, shrimp and avocado dressed with an appetite-whetting yuzu pepper soy sauce. Served in a martini glass, it’s a cheeky reinterpretation of the classic prawn cocktail. We also love the luscious cold uni pudding. Infused with uni, the pudding is steamed to smooth, creamy perfection, then topped with fresh uni and black tobiko. Other cool additions include a whisky affogato and refreshing highballs and soft drinks with frozen fruit.