Here’s all you need to know about premium meal planner Eatology

by: WOM Guide
15 Jun 2020

Champions of healthy living, premium delivery service Eatology has pride themselves in providing science-backed meals. From low-carb, paleo and gluten-free to even keto or vegan, Eatology tailors meal plans to suit various dietary needs. Working in tandem with the customers, the Eatology team ensures that each meal plan is custom-made to fit their lifestyles, as well.

Over the past couple of years, we have noticed that there’s been a shift in people’s dietary habits. There’s been a rising trend in healthy eating habits and more ‘average Joes and Janes’ are becoming aware of nutrition. To tell us a little bit more about the brand and the future of the health and wellness scene, we spoke with Eatology founders and directors: Christophe Daures and Guillaume Kaminer.

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Read the full interview below:

  1. Could you tell us briefly how Eatology came to be?

We launched Eatology to provide healthy convenient food for busy health-conscious professionals like ourselves. We were both working in the finance industry in Hong Kong, with hectic schedules tying us to our desks and meaning we had little time to prepare wholesome nutritious meals. 

We realised there was a gap in the market for tasty, healthy, quality meals that could be delivered to your desk and decided to launch Eatology. Eatology is a premium meal planner service that offers science-backed meal plans that are practical, sustainable, and work in tandem with customers’ lifestyles to help them achieve their health goals. 

  1. Compared to other meal delivery services in the market, how does Eatology stand out?

Unlike other meal delivery services, we work with a wide array of specialists, from certified dieticians to award winning chefs in order to provide premium, tailor-made meal programs and deliver delicious, healthy food to the door. We’re ranked as the best healthy food delivery service in Hong Kong, because we create gourmet recipes composed of wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients with great flavors.

Eatology offers a range of meal plans catered to your own individual needs. Every new customer has a one-to-one consultation with Eatology’s in-house dietician to discuss their goals and create a program that is tailor-made to them - whether they want to lose weight, increase energy levels, build muscle, improve general health or follow a specific diet such as ketogenic, paleo or plant-based. 

  1. What are your thoughts on popular diets such as keto?

We offer a ‘ketogenic light’ meal plan, which is less restrictive than a fully ketogenic diet. Our plan provides a generous amount of protein and fat with a controlled amount of carbohydrates. Because this diet is using body fat as an energy source, your body will start to use the excess fat causing lasting weight loss results. It’s a great way to transit into a diet that is less dependent on processed foods. 

However, it’s not a diet for everyone, so before signing up we would ensure our in house health professionals advise you on the correct plan for you, that can help you to reach your goals in a way that is safe and sustainable.

  1. What kind of challenges do you face as a meal subscription service?

The biggest challenge is the logistics for the delivery of the meals. As much as everything is under control inside our premises, outside is full of surprises in Hong Kong. From rainy weather to traffic jams, without forgetting the management of the buildings who sometimes restrict the access for our drivers. That’s why we always give ourselves plenty of time to ensure we get food delivered on time!

  1. What have you noticed when it comes to your clientele over the years?

At the start we were reaching just a small range of health addicts who were really conscious about what they eat and how it could benefit them. Now we see most of our clientele is the average Joe/Jane who wants to eat well, possibly shred a few kilos or get into shape, but they need a service which is convenient so that the hassle is removed for them. 

  1. Do you think that people have become more health-conscious over the past couple of years?

I think the media have been hammering the health message much more strongly these last few years. In particular, we’ve seen a big impact from Netflix’s  documentaries about diet, such as “Game Changers” which really spark debate and lead people to be a lot more conscious about  what they put into their bodies. Also, recent events like the Covid-19 pandemic have led to the world’s attention being focused more so than ever on our health and what we can do to ensure we stay in good physical shape. We know that what we eat is central to staying healthy, which is why we just launched our latest offering - our Diabetes-Friendly Mediterranean Diet. The plan was created by Michelin starred chefs in collaboration with advice from leading dieticians, is rich in fresh vegetables, fruit, and fish which studies have shown restores a balance of intestinal bacteria linked to all-round good health. The Mediterreanean diet has been much investigated by researchers and linked to numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of cancer, cognitive disease and cardiovascular disease as well as metabolic syndrome, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. In Hong Kong there are over 500,000 people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Our Diabetes-Friendly Mediterranean Diet will be the first-of-its-kind for diabetics in Hong Kong offering a delicious, reliable and hassle-free service.

  1. Any predictions for the food and wellness scene?

Increasingly we are learning that diets are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Each individual wants a bespoke diet, catered to them, that fits their lifestyle, health challenges, beliefs or personality. This is why we offer every new customer the chance to have a one-to-one consultation with our in-house dietician, which results in a program that is custom made for them.

8.  What’s been the biggest change you’ve noticed in the food and wellness industry?

There is no regulation in terms of when and how to use the term “healthy” and many brands just use these words without the scientific backing. It blurs the message and confuses people who are struggling with their diet. That is why we work with a wide array of specialists, from certified dieticians to award winning chefs - so we have the knowledge and understanding to create nutritious balanced meals which truly benefit our clients.