One to try: Exquisite Shanghainese dishes at ye shanghai

The story: Picture the glitz and glamour of old Shanghai, along with the exquisite traditional dishes made with a modern touch. ye shanghai embodies Shanghainese food in its past, present and future. Overlooking west Kowloon and Victoria Harbour, the new K11 restaurant serves dim sum and baked pastries as well as afternoon tea and cocktails. 

The vibe: Capturing the jewel of style, culture and cuisine that is Shanghai, ye shanghai’s two-floor location is a bright and airy first floor centred around a bar area and a second-floor influenced by the design of Chinese banquets, with plush-booth seating and private dining spaces. 

On the menu: While ye shanghai has been around for some time, the restaurant brought with it a new menu along with its move. Adding a dim sum section for the first time, the must-try is the Crab Roe Meat Bun (HK $120), filled with simple mixture of pork and fresh Shanghai hairy crab. 

Favourites like Sliced Pork Terrine Served with Zhejiang Black Vinegar (HK $70) and Stir-fried River Shrimp (HK $188) will of course still be available as will the Braised Beef Rib with Special Sauce (HK $340). 

The menu highlights were the sweet river shrimps with a refreshing bite and bouncy texture. Of course, what’s Shanghainese food without the mention of steamed pork dumplings? 

Dessert-wise, the fried meringue with banana is a must-try for those coming to check out ye shanghai. And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a cocktail? 

A place to visit with friends and family to enjoy a nice view and some good, authentic Shanghainese food – ye shanghai is definitely one to try!

ye shanghai, K11 Musea Level 7, 2376 3322;