We're ditching our gym to join Deliveroo instead

by: Vanshika Grey
23 Oct 2018

No more cardio at the gym for us, now that Deliveroo's stepped up its game. The famous food delivery company has introduced the concept of Deliveroo walkers. These people walk around Hong Kong to deliver food but also burn loads of calories. 450 calories an hour to be exact. We'll be burning off all those stubborn rolls we gained from all the mooncakes we stuffed ourselves with (or our family stuffed us with) during the mid-autumn festival.

Burning our calories instead of our bank accounts? A blessing from heaven that's what. Though the irony in this cracks us up-- the walkers are losing weight delivering things that will probably make the recipients have the exact opposite effect.

With most of the orders coming from the office-crowded Central area, the Deliveroo walkers are able to avoid traffic and get a challenge to navigate around the hustle and bustle on the streets. Well, this is working out pretty well for these walkers. According to the Fitbit all the walkers wear, these walkers who come to deliver you your late night dinners to your office floor walk a whopping average of 5.4km an hour!! If you make that into a week of five peak hour shifts navigating through the Hong Kong streets these walkers burn as much as 2,250 calories! What?!

All this has only left us with one final question for Deliveroo. When can we start working?


Vanshika Grey