Chiu Chow Garden's reopens with an insta-worthy menu

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
29 Aug 2018

Chiu Chow Garden’s re-opened at CityPlaza with a European modern interior and a colourful revamped menu. The new menu features a variety of newly introduced traditional dishes as well as a few contemporary ones. Firstly, we’ve got to say, some of these dishes are completely insta-worthy.

Some of their contemporary ones include their bird’s nest with pomegranate and crabmeat and their pan-fried e-fu noodles stuffed with meat. The latter doesn’t sound so fancy, but the actual dish is a dainty creative take on the traditional Chiuchow pan-fried noodles. Bite-sized minced pork is wrapped with e-fu noodles and then deep fried to golden. Some of the more traditional dishes that caught our eye were the steamed rice dumplings. A ‘heart’ shaped steamed dumpling in a gorgeous pink rose (insta-worthy!) stuffed with diced dried shrimp, minced pork, black eye beans, preserved vegetables and Chinese parsley. The black-eyed beans is a very traditional ingredient in the dish that is often overlooked. Another insta-worthy dish is their deep-fried mashed tangerine pastries. Shaped beautifully into three yellow hatchling birds, it feels nearly monstrous to slice em’ up with a fork. But note that these are only available for lunch.

Shop No. 100, 1/F, Cityplaza 4, Tai Koo, 2885 0212;

Angie Kwon