Best fried chicken bites in Hong Kong

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
27 Feb 2018

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Forget about all the fried chickens you’ve had in the past, cos these are hands down one of the BEST fried chicken bites in Hong Kong right now.  Click here to see our #fried chicken bites video!Hot chicken burger @Honbo
This is one of Honbo's newest burgers. This place is known for their very American-style beef burgers, so we were pretty surprised when their chicken burgers also blew us away. A gigantic and juicy fried chicken fillet, drizzled with homemade chicken oil, kimchi and gochujang, all encased in their signature potato bun. This one is divine. G/F New Sun House, 6-7 Sun St, Wanchai, 2567 8970; honbo.hkHo L Jeng crispy chicken @65 Peel
For boneless chicken, the fried chicken in 65 peel is your definite go-to. Marinated in Chinese spices, fried to golden and covered with cajun spice, the chicken is served with a Thai-inspired chilli sauce that will have your eyes rolling backwards. 65 Peel St, Central, 2342 2224;ánh gà chiên @Co Thanh
Battered in a potato-flour mix and deep-fried to golden, the wings in Co Thanh is a recent addition to their appetisers. If you’re a big wings lover, this one’s a citrusy contender to add to your list. The sauce (we think) is a mix of nuoc mam, sugar and lemon. The wings are sweet with a hint of spice, the green onions and peanuts add an extra element of texture to the dish. 2-4 Kau U Fong, Central, padak @Uncle padak
We can’t talk fried chicken in Hong Kong without a mention of Korean fried chicken! Padak literally means scallions (pa) and chicken (dak). It’s a style of Korean fried chicken that mixes the chicken with a unique sauce and is then served with a bundle of julienned scallions. Our favourite is the black padak that comes in a sweet & smoky bbq-y sauce, that we wouldn’t.. exactly call ‘black’. It’s more like a caramel colour. 59 High St, Sheung Wan, 2117 9792;