5 best char siu in Hong Kong

by: Veronica Siu
26 May 2017

Char siu is sold everywhere, but once you've tried one of these, you'll never look elsewhere! From traditional century-old recipes to modern innovations, here's some of the best char siu spots we found in Hong Kong.

Joy Hing (the oldie)How many restaurants can confidently say things like “We’ve been around since the end of the Qing Dynasty”? Joy Hing can for sure. This century-old roasted meat restaurant began in Guangdong, and moved to Hong Kong to its current place in Wan Chai. While their roast goose and their crispy pork are phenomenal, it’s their char siu that has continued Joy Hing’s legendary status (and Michelin star status) in Hong Kong. Over the years (and years and years) they have perfected the char siu recipe to a T. The char siu here is simple and no-nonsense-- just a classic comfort food affair. They’re cut into thick non-uniform slices, the old way, and each bite is a perfect balance of tender and crunchy. The marinade around but it’s the actual meat that makes this char siu so addictive. The meat is so juicy, that even the middle cut of the meat glistens under the light, not just its charred crimson outer layer. Sure it’s rustic, not always jelly-tender but it’s an honest and historical char siu that has continued its popularity throughout the decades. Get there at noon sharp, that is when the char siu is at its freshest. You will see a line of people waiting to be seated. The most surprising part of this place is that despite its incredible popularity, the owner has barely changed the recipe or the prices of their specialities for years, which makes this char siu spot one of the most worth it spots out there. G/F, Chong Hing Building, 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, 2519 6639

Mott32 (the ultra-sweet)

Mott32 took the rustic concept of siu mei (roasted meat) and brought it to the fine dining table. Mott32 has been reimagining traditional Chinese dishes using unique and quality ingredients. For those who like their char siu extra sweet, Mott32 is the way to go. Melt-in-your-mouth tender Iberico pork covered with the usual char siu works but with a touch of yellow mountain honey...the caramelisation of the honey adds an extra layer to our favourite char siu. Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4a Des Voeux Road, Central, 2885 8688;

Fook Lam Moon (the classic done right)
As one of the most established Cantonese Restaurants in Hong Kong, you'd expect them to get this right. Served warm, the char siu at FLM is a balanced proportion of succulent meat and fat. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet-- you can mildly taste the honey roasted flavour but it won't mask the flavour of the fresh pork loin. Shop 3, G/F, 35-45 Johnston Road, 2866 0663;

Fu Sing (the one with that secret something)
How can we speak of char siu without mentioning Fu Sing? Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant has been a favourite for locals and visitors alike. They first come for the dim sum but they return for the char siu! The char siu is tender, succulent and ultimately addictive. There’s an extra ingredient they use that creates the multi-layered flavour of Fu Sing’s char siu, but the chefs are quite secret about it! You won’t be satisfied with just one plate. Plus, even celebrities such as Andy Lau is known to be obsessed with it. 1/F, Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen’s Road, Central, 2643 3228;

Shuang Xi Lou (the unique one that the locals vouch for)
Served on an iron plate sizzling and steaming with sliced onions layered under the juicy barbeque pork, Shuang Xi Lou’s Char Siu is definitely a scene-stealer dish. The glistening, melt-in-mouth porky goodness is thickly sliced, giving customers mouthful of satisfaction from each bite. Despite the innovative presentation, the restaurant keeps it authentic when it comes to the choice of pork for making char siu, sourcing for fatty “belly dragging” pigs to achieve the perfect fat to meat blend. It's tasty. It's fun. What more can you ask for? Shop G32, G/F, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, 2805 8828;

Angie & Veronica