Last call! Get your Beertopia tickets as soon as possible!

by: Angie Kwon, Editor
14 Sep 2017

Just reminding you all to buy your tickets before next week’s Beertopia weekend! At-the-door tickets are known to sell out so it's best to secure your ticket online.  We’ll be giving out free popcorn and hosting some cute ball games at our WOM Guide Beertopia booth, so please do come find us and snipe a bag of Garrett’s Popcorn. Yes, the brand pop-corn from American popcorn giant featuring crunchy morsels of caramel and umami bombs of cheese - all the good stuff straight from the freshly made batches of the day. 

WHERE: Central Harbourfront
WHEN: 22-23rd of September
TICKETS: 290 and up (each ticket includes at least one drink or more) 

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So here’s the rundown once again on what to expect in Asia's biggest beer festival BEERTOPIA 2017.
This year Beertopia will have over 500 different craft beers from over 96 different breweries from around the world... 87 of those beers are brewed right here in Hong Kong. We’re talking our local favourites of lion rock brewery, young master brewery and some adorable local favourites such as MEOWbeer. This year there is a new cider area, so those of you who are huge ciderheads you don’t have to look far this time around. If you’re looking for the exact list of beers click here.  THE FOOD
There’s only one thing better than amazing craft beer: beer & street food. Award-winning burgers from Beef & Liberty, some proper steak from Blue, summery poke from pololi, german grub from beerliner, and some extra food-truck superstars, there’s something for everyone this year. These nom spots you can pay with cash.   THE PARTY
The shisha garden was huge last year, so it’s back this year as well. There’s a 2000 sqft outdoor shisha garden with colourful lights and squishy seats. Of course with the backdrop of the Hong Kong city lights as well. Live bands and DJs will perform on the main stage throughout the festival. Some fun little carnival games and cute booths will be here and there for your entertainment (throw a ball, win a beer or win some popcorn grub) 

For more information visit:
We hope to see you all there!