Stone Nullah Tavern is hosting three exciting pop-ups before they close

by: Angie Kwon
17 Jan 2019


Stone Nullah Tavern, our favourite Americana vacuum in Wanchai, is closing, and will be replaced with a new Italian-American concept “FINI” from the same owners. But don’t be too sad just yet, Stone Nullah Tavern's best selling mac and cheese (the one with the egg in the middle) seems to have a seat on FINI's menu. We’re not entirely sure if it will be exactly the same one, but from the looks of it, we think so. But that’s a matter for another article, so let’s get back on track: Stone Nullah Tavern will be leaving with a bang with a series of incredible pop-up dinners. Red Sauce Hospitality presents The Melting Pot, a series of three homely pop-up dinners with a different cuisine each week. 

The first one (from 9th-11th of Jan) starts off with Nepal. The four-course meal starts with chicken syafale, a deep-fried pastry, Newari Honacha Ko Famous Bara Ra Jhol, a lentil pancake with minced buffalo, egg and bone broth. And continues to the main course of Khasi Ko Ledo Bedo, a tender lamb with gravy, nutrela soya chunks, chickpeas and pink paneer gravy served over cumin rice. The meal finishes with a reduced milk curd dessert with sweet saffron and nuts.
The second round (from 16th-18th of Jan) focuses on an up and coming hot cuisine that hasn’t got as good rep in Hong Kong. But it’s one of WOM’s favourites: Filipino food! Starting off with the pork belly lechon stuffed with sinigang and 24-hour cooked bone marrow nilaga and wagyu beef tapa with beetroot pickled radish and quail egg.

The third round (from 23rd to 25th of Jan), will be the Pakistani menu starting off with appetisers of minced beef chapli kebab with coriander chutney and samosa chaat. The mains will include the chicken karahi with homemade masala, and spiced lentils with boiled egg. Sides of homemade pickled veggies and sauteed okra will also accompany the mains. The dessert is the ever loved gulab jamun with homemade vanilla ice cream, fragrant cardamom, coconut and pistachio.

Each dinner is available at HK$388 per person and will be served family style. 69 Stone Nullah Ln, Wan Chai, 3182 0128,

Angie Kwon