If you love fruit, you can’t miss this week’s Fruit Jamming Festival 2017
Date Published : 09 May 2017

Whether you’re a diehard fruit enthusiast, the health-conscious apple-a-day type, or even just the occasional bananas-are-on-sale-let’s-get-it-for-pancakes kind of person, there’s a fruit festival you berry much don’t want to miss this week at the PMQ.  

From 23rd – 26th of March, the PMQ Fruit Jamming Festival 2017 will comprise over 20 unique kiosks that will include fruit stalls, food stalls and juice stalls. Along with these, there will also be stalls featuring organic products, skin-care, fruit delivery services and handmade crafts all centred on the theme of all things fruit, fruit and fruit!

Here are 4 fruitastic reasons we’re excited about this year’s Fruit Jamming Festival 2017.

Manger a la Fruits, a fruity street food market

Prepear your tummies for street food stalls chock full of unique and gourmet fruit-themed delicacies. Buttery Factory has lined up an array of delectably colourful donuts filled up with fruit creams and jams. One gorgeous Hong Kong retro-esque stall will be selling “Salty Lemon 7-up”.  If you’re fancying for something savoury, you can indulge in Fresco dal Mercato’s unique pineapple bun filled with Iberico ham and truffle butter.

Fruity juices, cocktails and Limited Edition Macarons

100 pieces of limited edition Apple Cider Macarons will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis at the PMQ Taste Library, following a PMQ x Heineken Strongbow Cider crossover. Dragon fruit macaron will also be available. A variety of fruit-based cocktails, juices and drinks will also be available in the Mini Jobs stall and the Heineken stall.


Seasonal and exotic fruits at great prices 

Fruit stalls will be set up with fruits from all over the world. You’ll be able to find Mao Shan Wang durians from Malaysia and strawberries from South Korea. January to March is the best season to taste strawberries when they are at their sweetest and ripest.

Family-friendly workshops with edible promises

A variety of creative workshops will be available for parents and for children. Participants will be able to create their own food snacks, and of course eat them. Some examples that will be available are fruit skinned candies, apple shredded fries, roses made out of strawberries, fizzy fruit morsels and fruit-encased lollipops along with other artsy fruit-themed creatives.

PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central, 4pm-8pm, 3621 0581;



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