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50 best dishes we ate in 2018
Date Published : 24 Dec 2018

This is our humble yearly diary looking back to the best dishes we've had in 2018. This year's been a big resounding win for burger lovers. There's a lot of them this time around. Mind you, none of these was chosen for any kind of official distinction, and none of these is in any particular order, they were chosen purely from our hungry whims and woms... 
Sweet potato chips @Mana Cafe
"I don't know, it feels like it tastes better at the new Sheung Wan location?"
Kata Murga Benedict @Blacksalt
“The best brunch in Hong Kong is hands down this place" 
Moroccan Chicken Burger @Beef & Liberty
"I tried this for a burger-know-it-all review and came back the next day cos it was just so bomb"

The Burger @Bitters and Sweets
"Did not expect one of the best burgers in HK to be in a fancy bar"

"Forget all the places in Hong Kong that serve Belgian or Dutch frites, cos the ones in FIVE GUYS is ironically the closest to the original"
Shroom burger @Shake Shack
"This along with the secret spicy mayo they've got = heaven"
The selection of salads @Blue Supreme
"It wasn't just about the amazing flavour of the salad. I mean, it's a salad. It was raining when I first tried this, and I ate this at their long table right next to the rain, it just felt amazing"
Fried chilli momos @Up9
"That one secret momo spot in LKF has great momos, but what really differentiates them is their fried chilli momos. They're addictive"
Fried chicken wings and double eggs over rice @Shun King Restaurant
"They serve this at a tiny old cha chaan teng in Wanchai that no one remembers the name of, but it's incredible. Our little secret spot"
Charsiu rice @The counter by Deiberica
"There's a limited amount of these guys every day so you have to get there as early as you can to taste it"
Halo Halo @Foodtrip Bedana’s Filipino Restaurant
"It was a really really hot day of filming. Halo halo was a blessing for us. Do try the lechon as well!"
Hummus with pita @FRANCIS
"FRANCIS has some of the best hummus in Hong Kong and it's not so pricey as it looks"

Cheese dish @Artemis & Apollo
"Okay, I can't remember the name of this dish. But it has cheese and it has fig jam."
Golden chicken with almonds pita @BEDU
"They've got these during lunch, its basically the filling of their amazing dinner momos filled inside a freshly toasted pita. They've got a lamb one and a salmon one as well. These to die for and definitely one of my major lunch haunts."
Perilla pasta with sea urchin @The Ritz Carlton 
"Never tasted anything like it. Korean fine dining was new to me as well"

Wasabi prawns @FANG FANG
"This place is also one of my favourite spots for Happy Hour! Makes me feel like I'm in a mysterious 1950s 'madam' parlour. Oh and I'm addicted to the wasabi around fried prawn tempura."
Watermelon cake @LIFETASTIC
“There’s a whole piece of watermelon in the middle. It works so well"

Lunch omakase @Sushi Ta-Ke
"The whole restaurant feels like a set for a samurai movie. It's all part of the omakase experience."
Christmas-special panettone @CIAK in the kitchen
"This was a seasonal bread. It looked like it came out of some ghibli movie. It's sooo christmassy"
Roast chicken @Chullschick
"This place is so packed but the roast chicken is worth the wait"
Pappardelle alla vodka @Frank's
"I haven't had such good pasta for a long time."
Crab with white pepper sauce @Ah Hhi 
"Every week I crave for Ah Hhi. This is all I want to eat"

Sour and spicy noodles with sea cucumber @Howard's Gourmet
"Next level noodles. It's the best, the best, best, noodles I've had in my life" 

Crab at the seasonal pairing menu @Godenya
"They soak the crab in sake for two days and use it for the risotto"
Beef noodles of hand-sliced cheung fun and skirt steak @Happy Paradise
"They have this seaweed butter in it. It's a guilty pleasure for me, but the thick rice noodles, they're so good. I love it."
Peking Duck @Xin Rong Ji
"The skin is incredible."Salt-baked 120-day Ping Yuen chicken @Neighbourhood
"They salt-baked it and then they cook it in this cream sauce with all the organs. The flavour seeps into the rice underneath"
Toro Sandwich @Kishoku
"The highlight of their omakase for me"
30 Fresh salted-egg fish skins @Satay Inn
"These are addictive. The packed ones are great but these are even better"

That one awesome chicken burger @Honbo
"Why was this only a special? This is our petition to bring it back. Bring it back! Bring it back!"

Kinki @Sakana no Aji 
"It was so buttery to a point it didn’t even taste like fish anymore, it tasted like a complete dinner plate in one bite."
Rabbit risotto @SPIGA
"The sauce is made out of chocolate! The slightly tart flavour of the sauce really balances out the gameyness of the rabbit. SPIGA is known for their amazing risottos, but out of them all, this was by far my favourite. So wintery!"
Lunch set @MUM veggie
"With this one, it's less about whether it blew our minds, but more on how it tasted like a piece of home. Something you can eat everyday deserves a mention! Plus its vegetarian."

Botan shrimp carpaccio @Sushiyoshi
"We were instructed to squeeze the lime onto a huge slab of rock salt, after in which we dipped the carpaccio into the salted lime." 
Sichuan style slow-cooked short ribs @Komune
"You can really taste the smoky flavour of the pine-tree wood"
Beef teriyaki skewers @Keyaki
"The way they cut the steak is really unique, and they cook it perfectly pink"
Banoffee pie @PdP Pies and Tarts
"There's an incredible custard in the middle, and topped with caramelised bananas. This pie is dreamy."

"There are so many to choose from, and the sauces aren't dips. They cook each chicken wing in each flavour."
Organic matcha pancake @A Happy Pancake
"We had to wait a long line to try this award-winning pillowy-soft souffle pancake from Japan"

Fish and Chips @No Milkshake No Life
"The banana milkshakes at this place is BOMB. But it was really the fish and chips that blew us away. The fish is incredibly tender and fresh. Who knew we'd find a fish & chip gem in a milkshake shop?"

The Trump @Mojo Nomad
I have to say, I ordered this ironically. But damn, this was amazing. A lot of beef tongue, chicharron and salsa verde. I ended up ordering two more of these. 

Hong Kong egg lemon tart @Man Mo Dim Sum
"Finally got to try one of these. It's got the crumbly crust of egg tart but filled with the tart of lemon custard. Love."
Gold icecream @iCremeria
"No, gold doesn't taste like anything. But the ice-cream underneath is SO good. The gold is just for fun." Check out our video of it here
The Omakase @OKRA BAR
"I really like their omakase, because every time you go, it's a different thing. They really respect the idea of omakase- the whims of the chef. Whichever fish is fresh then, they make something amazing out of it (especially great is their dry-ageing!)"
Lobster Ravioli @Carbone
"It's very evil. So guilty, but you can't stop eating it. Creamy, cheesy, it's just very evil."
Uni Toast @Kam Tung Kitchen
"They're a very surprising innovative dai pai dong. It's just a neighbourhood spot with a lot of jazz"
Roast duck @Yat Lok Restaurant
"It's amazing. You pay for the food by being yelled at. It's all part of the experience, but yeah, you're going to get yelled at."
Chicken ramen @Zagin Soba
"They only serve one or two types of chicken base ramen, and the classic one is always my best bet."

Wagyu beef teppanyaki @KOZY
"They close at 4 am. These two Japanese guys cook some of the best teppanyaki in town. Get there soon since all the seats fill up."

Happy new year from The WOM Team




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