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Our favourite grab'n'go spots for a guilt-free lunch
Date Published : 01 Jan 2018

With the holiday months done, it's time to start the year afresh with some healthy eats. From fresh new openings to good ‘ol neighbourhood faves, here are seven of our favourite takeaway salad spots to help meal-plan your way this festive season (and make it to the new year guilt-free!)

Jamie’s Deli
WOM Recommends: Reuben sandwich, mixed grains with caramelised onions and feta

Over at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, British chef Jamie Oliver has opened the first Asia branch of his casual dining and takeaway concept, Jamie’s Deli, serving a plethora of fresh salads, deli-style sandwiches, hot dishes, and pizzas, as well as smoothies and fresh juices. Breakfast isn’t overlooked, with a wide selection of pastries, yoghurt and muesli, too. Best part? Serving sizes are rather generous. 
Jamie’s Deli, Shop 412, 4/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon; 3758-3333;

WOM Recommends: Burmese tea leaf salad, Thai chicken green curry, Thai Khanom Chan

New grab ‘n go spot HAWKR takes fresh, MSG-free ingredients and tosses them up with tasty Southeast Asian twists, serving breakfast options, salads, wraps, hot food, and desserts with Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indoenesian and Burmese influences. Enjoy the likes of Isaan beef salad and prawn pomelo salad, Javanese beef rendang and Siamese salmon fishcake wrap, as well as sweet treats including Thai Khanom Chan and coconut panna cotta, to name a few. The house drinks – Thai milk tea, Vietnamese coffee – are worth a try as well, particularly the pandan latte, found nowhere else in the city.
HAWKR Pacific Place, Shop 6, Level B3, Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Road East; 2566-6680;

12 Noon
WOM Recommends: Chicken fajita cauliflower rice, veggie nuggets, High Octane juice    

Healthy menu sets are available for great value at 12 Noon, ranging from HK$65 to $85 depending on your mains – a selection that includes cauliflower rice dishes, salads, sandwich buns and wraps, plus a side or dessert of your choice. Portions are small compared to other outlets’, but 12 Noon makes up for it with the inclusion of a cold pressed juice with every set. A la carte options are also served, as well as Cleanse Packs, each composed of six bottles. 
12 Noon, Shop 3108, Hopewell Centre, Queen’s Road East Wan Chai; 2819 8237;

Fete Up
WOM Recommends: Pilaf with turmeric and ginger, braised beef in red wine sauce, roasted Sichuan cauliflower

A delicious mix of food components is packed in every Fete Box – namely a carb, a protein, hot side, two cold dishes, and one garnish. Picks include pilaf with turmeric and ginger, Kashmiri curry chicken, vegan mince, roasted Sichuan cauliflower, broccoli with almond flakes, roasted pumpkin and kale, vegan Greek salad, nori…It’s a colourful range, and filling too, packed with a good balance of what we need with every meal.
Fete Up, Lower GF 182 Wellington Street Central Hong Kong; 9772 4531; Photo: Jen Paolini 

WOM Recommends: Sichuan veggie with soy chicken mix, green papaya pandan curry

Gluten-free and vegan options brim on the menu at Fresca, a takeaway salad shop tucked along Hollywood Road in Central. Primarily sourced from a private Hong Kong garden and farm, ingredients are fresh and seasonal, inspiring what’s available on the menu for the day. Opt for three to four toppings – including Greek salad with white cheese, Japchae, green papaya pandan curry – on every salad. Fresca also serves soup, and sweets such as gluten-free steamed muffins and pancakes.
Fresca, 54A Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong; 2770 2282;

Toss & Turn
WOM Recommends: Mushroom garden salad, Basil pesto chicken flatbread sandwich with brie cheese 

Toss & Turn’s Design Your Own Salad Bar brings fun into green and leafy eating, offering health-conscious foodies a variety of hot and cold proteins, deli options, and dressings to choose from. Ready-made salads are available, too, including prawn and tuna; chicken; smoked salmon and prawn, plus hearty flatbreads, featuring grilled mushroom and tomato; and basil pesto chicken, to name a few. Rounding up Toss & Turns offerings are soups, sandwiches, and some pretty sumptuous desserts (eyeing you, pandan coconut cake!) 
Toss & Turn, Shop 3, B3 Three Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong; 2633 8312;

Mana! Fast Slow Food
WOM Recommends: Wrap or salad box; baba ganoush; falafel; halloumi cheese, Portobello mushrooms

There can be no salad roundup without the iconic Mana! Fast Slow Food on Central’s Wellington Street, where the long lunch queues are pretty worth it. Five salad options are on offer for the salad box – with options of small and large, where even the small box is filling – plus fresh toppings that include baba ganoush, falafel, roasted veggies, tahini, halloumi cheese, Portobello mushrooms, and more…If you’re up for a fuller meal, there’s the option to have these in a wrap, too.
Mana! Fast Slow Food, 92 Wellington St, Central; 2851 1611;

Johna Baylon

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