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50 best dishes of 2017
Date Published : 01 Jan 2018

Get your wifi ready...prepare for a really, really long post of us raving about food. We’re rounding up our favourite dishes we ate the past 2017. No, these are not ranked, none of these are in any particular order, they aren’t all new, and they aren’t all award-winning. But they’re great, it's our super subjective opinion, and we really promise you, they’re really really great. 

These are just our ‘looking back’ to our favourite eats and sips we had this 2017. Tick out the ones you’ve tried, and note down the ones you haven’t. Alrighty, let's do this!

Ho L Jeng crispy chicken @65 Peel
“Best fried chicken in HK”Beef bo hue@Co Thanh 
“Possibly the only time I can say a beef broth is both rich and light” BS Fry up @Blacksalt
“Imagine a Full English but way better cos there’s lentils and a kick"Char siu bao with pineapple bun topping @Ying Jee Club
“Oozing out of the bun is a savoury filling of char siu.... And just like that, we were sold.”Salt-crusted whole barramundi @Krua Walaiphan
“What’s this thing inside..? Oh, it’s an entire whole stick of lemongrass. Are we supposed to take it out?”Ajitama shoyu soba ramen @Tsuta
“Let’s add one more char siu it’s only 12 more dollars” Dulce de leche cake @Picada
“The cake looks pretty dull at first glance, and then as soon as you take a bite, it’s heaven. Moist with just the right amount of sweetness... it's a grandma’s-cake-on-the-morning-after-Christmas kind of heaven”  DIY sushi set @Tsukada Nojo
“Okay, it’s more like, it’s really FUN to eat this, and come on, it’s gorgeous.”Hotate Kaisen-Don @Teppei Syokudo
“What’s the difference between yours and mine?” “Mine has hotate. Hotate are scallops boys" Iberico pork and chorizo burgers @Ham & Sherry
“Oh, they’re so tiny and cute. Oh so tiny and OMG IT’S GOOD.”Deep fried tofu cubes @Full House
“The first bite gives you the crunch of the batter, which then turns into soft, melt-in-your-mouth tofu”Blue cheeseburger @Quartermaster
“Don’t even bother with their original, go straight for the ‘blue cheeseburger’ written on the chalkboard. There’s no blue cheese in it. It’s a slightly rarer (‘bluer’) pattie.”Housemade all beef meatballs @Second street comfort food
“So comforting, so simple. They're not the melt-in-your-mouth type but they're rustic, and the sauce is amazing"Four char-siu tsukemen @FU-UNMARU
“One char siu piece is as big as my face” Beef carpaccio @La Piola
“Exactly the way they do it in Italy-- drowned in olive oil, a spread of celery, parmesan, a cheeky squeeze of lemon, and a sprinkle of salt”Sea urchin risotto @Locanda Dell’Angelo
“Rich and generous with the sea urchin”Matsu omakase @Sushi Taki
"Technically this isn't one dish, it's an omakase and totally worth mentioning. It's one of those feelgood omakase experiences that's best on a sunny day" Those incredible cashews they serve in the beginning @Deng G
“Those incredible cashews, sweet, savoury, spicy and crunchy. I don’t know what’s in them. But please, gimme more.”


The Kimoji - Bread & Beast
“Kimchi and HK-style beef brisket in a squid ink bun”60-days dry-aged Los Nortenos ribeye @Watermark
“From their special steak menu, these are melt-in-your-mouth"Signature strawberry rose watermelon cake @LIFETASTIC
“If you’re missing the one in Sydney, this is your best bet”Boksoondoga maekgolli @Ssal bori ssal
“Yoghurt meets champagne”Ribston Apple @Stockton
“It’s no longer on the menu but you can still request it”"Nanterre" Brioche @Terroir Parisien
“Caramelised in the outside, pillowy inside, it's basically a creme brulee in French toast form”Comte cheese @On Dining
“Best cheese with a view”A4 wagyu sukiyaki style @KAGURA
“The only thing I can say about this is yaaaaaaaas”Sea Anchor, Hokkaido scallops with kabu @The Ocean
“The crisp of the kabu, the crunch of the buckwheat and the sweetness of the scallops”Lobster chitarra @Osteria Marzia
"For the lobbers-- the lobster lovers"Deep fried marinated duck wrapped with Chinese pancake @Greater China Club
“Peking duck meets fried chicken”QQ Burger @Honbo
“Is that… MENTAIKO MAYONNAISE??”That one kale salad at their lunch semi-buffet @The Optimist
“Super creamy and fresh, also the breadcrumbs are out of the world"Banana Dulce @Uma Nota
“...unexpected combination of plantain and crab meat - it’s a starchy, fishy joy” Noir de Dottignies @Blue Supreme
“, dark ale, nearly black in colour with a caramel flavour and a smooth creamy head” Thanksgiving dinner @Commissary
“Okay, this isn't one dish, it was EVERYTHING together"Chawanmushi with black truffle @sushi man
“Amazing appetizer to start the omakase”Maple bacon @Morty’s Delicatessen
“This is how I imagine char siu bacon to taste like”


Beef & octopus carpaccio @Upper modern bistro
“with a creamy paprika emulsion"House tofu - MOMOJEIN
“A little bit of their tofu with one of their tiny pickled vegetables-- it's the perfect bite"Zaalouk @LILYA
“Eggplant tomato spread... heavenly. Ask for some cheeky bread to go with.”Dry aged fish deep fried crust - OKRA
“Moreish, moreish, moreish. I know we were meant to share it, but sorry I ate most of it."
Black pepper burger @Beef & Liberty
“Don’t even bother with their original, when you can get this. The sharpness of the arugula and the sweetness of the caramelised onions cut through the richness of the beef patty"16 tapas brunch @Ole
“We know this isn't technically a dish either but we can't really choose the best tapas, so the entire sixteen we will put as one-- a magical experience.”Hand rolled Garganelli pasta with duck ragu and Szechuan peppers @Pici
“Rich but not overbearing, the spice from the peppers balance it out" Barrel-aged gin No. 209 @The Woods Annex
“Barrel-aging is the way now”Roasted heirloom carrots @12000 Francs
"Part of their vegetarian menu, the carrots were perfectly sweet

This one nameless ragu @Crafted 852
"This was from a pasta-making class, eating your own fresh pasta with an incredible ragu was an absolute treat"Naughty fries @Three buns
"Guilty pleasures.. sweet, spicy, tangy with that comforting potato-ey crisp" Strawberry toasted Marshmallow Chantilly @22 Ships
"Classic strawberries & cream with an extra element of marshmallow"T3 @Tokyolima
"confit tomato, pumpkin, quail eggs, greens, crispy glass noodles and toosed in a lovely citrusy dressing... a must have"

Lobster mac'n'cheese @Morton's
"Creamy goodness"

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