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5 must eat Polish dishes
Date Published : 09 May 2018

Did you know that Hong Kong is the third-largest territory for exports of Polish meat?

Neither did we, but now the knowledge is making us hungry and, for all of Hong Kong’s diversity when it comes to dining and the variety of available cuisines, Polish food is yet one of them.

“There is only one place in Hong Kong where you can find Polish-related cuisine,” says Miroslaw Adamczyk, consul general of Poland to Hong Kong, of that one Eastern European restaurant along Hollywood Road. Just one, however. To our dismay.

There’s no reason, nonetheless, to keep ourselves in the dark about the cuisine of a country that supplies us with plenty of our meats. We ask Mr. Adamczyk – “call me Mirek,” he says – just what dishes we foodies should try on a trip to Poland. Or, fingers crossed, once that much-wanted Polish restaurant finally opens its doors.


“The first stuff you have to try: dumplings, dumplings, dumplings,” says Mirek, towering and energetic and full of warmth. “We’re a little bit different in terms of the stuff that we put inside dumplings – fruits, white cheese, with sour cream and sugar on top. It’s a kind of dessert.”


“Another kind of very common dish in Poland is bigos: a kind of hunter’s stew. It’s a mix of fresh cabbage, sauerkraut, plus some white mushrooms, sausages, pieces of meat, and you stew it – not for hours, but days. Over a couple of days, the stew gets better and better.”


“It’s like cabbage rolls: put minced meat, like pork and beef, inside with sticky rice.”


“You cannot forget about the soups – the soups are very delicious in Poland, and this is something you cannot miss. Like tomato soup, but this one’s a little bit sticky, much thicker than usual. Or cucumber soup, not made of fresh cucumbers but salted cucumbers; and pea soup, or cabbage soup.”

Polish cheesecake

“In terms of desserts, you have the Polish traditional cheesecake. You have to have white cheese; cheesecake in the Polish way is not creamy, you can taste the grains of white cheese.”

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